Why are some girls mean to their crush?

I had experiences this with a girl who used to stalk me. She used to follow me around, always staring at me. I didn’t notice her until I kept seeing we around the places I was sitting to do my homework or to hang out. She kept popping up and always looked at me.
Also sometimes I hide to test and see how she will react and she was looking around to see if she saw the person she wanted to see (me).

So I decide to talk to her then I did it twice last semester and she was super rude like she was acting and giving me a tone like I did something to hate me. Like when you holding a grudge with your boyfriend and you give him that mean tone. Yeah she gave that to me twice so I stopped trying. Her routine slowed down a little bit and I guess that was because she joined a sport team. Anyways, when I run into her the other days she always stare at me and stuff.

this semester I thought she wasn’t going to be mean and yep she was, one day I was coming out of the library and passed by where she was sitting and I was looking at her while passing by so she caught me and gave me a look of “bitch go duck yourself or kill you self” like I don't know what’s wrong with her lol...

last time i tried which was the 4th time I approached her in a whole year, she told me “what do you want from me?” Then she said “at this moment I’m not interested in having a conversation”

god damn... after that I decide to avoid her but the same day she said that she was following me, wtf.. I don’t get it I’m confused.

ladies what are you thoughts on this?


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  • If you like her tell her that. She seems like you but she has no effort to tell it. And you are acting dumb. Ofc she got mad.. sigh


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