Ladies, do you care about what age a guy moved out of his parent's house?

I'm 20 and living at my parent's house. I've been looking for a job for the past 2 years, I've filled out tens of thousands of job applications and had no luck at all. My mother has been giving me a small allowance for doing tasks around the hose which usually went towards my own food, hygiene products, gym membership ans things like that. My plan was to work a job for a while and save up money to invest in stocks, then when I've made enough money from trading stocks I can invest in Real Estate along with that and eventually start my own business and one day build a corporate empire. But since I've wasted 2 years looking for a job with no luck I just said fuck it. A CSL Plasma center opened up recently and earlier this year I've been taking the money I earned from donating plasma and scraps from my allowance and been investing int he stock market and so far I've been moving forward, my account value isn't even at $500 dollars yet, but at least I'm getting somewhere. I reviewed my investment strategy and made rough estimates and calculated that I will be able to successfully move out between the ages 23-25, but I see other men say that they moved out at 16 or 18 and say things like "Only a sissy moves out after 20" which left me very depressed, it made me feel like a total failure and I was going to be a loser forever and be looked down upon, it got me so depressed that I've actually contemplated suicide. I talked to my mom about this and she told me to not give into societal pressure and said she much rather me move out later and live a stable successful life than to move out too early and fail (god bless her). Before I run out of spaces I'll get to the question. Do you care about what age a guy move out of his parents. If he was 26 and has his own place but didn't move out of his parents until last year would that be a turn off?
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Ladies, do you care about what age a guy moved out of his parent's house?
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