Girls, She kept trying to talk to me?

When I was studying in my local coffee shop I noticed a women who would either sometimes come in with her mother, or her own. The first time I saw I did think she was kinda pretty but I see a lot of people everyday so didn’t pay much attention.

then after a while I notice she would sit closer, and if I walk off she would spy on my work. The. Out of nowhere she approached me and started asking questions and was kinda nervous. She was really nice but it seemed forced. The. She kept speaking to me and then just left.

now I see her and she never sits over my side of the coffee shop? She will always look , and I see her around and Im always busy but I don’t expect to see her so don’t say hi and she looks kinda sad

I don’t get why she kept trying to talk to me and going red in the face when I was just minding my own business studying


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  • And.

  • I think she may the hots for you. Or she's being friendly what do you think?

    • 5 d ago

      Well i get the feeling she had the hots but was trying to break the ice. And now perhaps feels awkward about it and vulnerable? Hence why I see her sometimes in the coffee shop and she’s over the other side. But that’s my assumption.

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    • 5 d ago

      because she hasn’t sat near me anymore and when I see her I see her unexpectedly and either don’t know it’s her or am in a rush

    • 5 d ago

      Sit next to her... one time. Say hey

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