Why she wants both of them?

Short Story.:My on-off ex and I broke up Last August. We were still talking in September when he told me that he is still connected to me and has unresolved feelings to me but he wants to cut all ties with me and move forward he found a girl. I told him, sarcastically, I hope she won't cheat on you...
4 months passed, then I got a follower request on Instagram from him. I declined it because I had a boyfriend too, then I updated my relation status with my boyfriend.1 week later he updated his relation too revealing his girlfriend. but didn't post a picture of them just labeled.2 weeks later I got a follow request again, when he saw me with my new boyfriend. I accepted it. Then on February 27th he stalked my page and liked a photo there... and started watching my instagramm stories till I posted a quote there just for him:Not everybody loves you, who is connected to you...
He unfollowed me then the next day we met accidentally, I saw his reaction, he was angry.
I tried my best not to think about him again, for 2 months, till April. I have heard that they are fighting too much and he is not happy with the way the relationship is going.. and why? She is flirting with other guys!

So this weekend I saw her, finally, in a station, kissing an another man!
I could'nt believe it, but it was her!
She is cheating on him, while they are still together.
Manipulating him, and he didn't even recognized it!
Why does she want both of them?
Is he regrets letting me go?
4 mo
The guy who made out with her is her exboyfriend
4 mo
The girl was revealed to my Ex Boyfriend!
They broke up this weekend!
Why she wants both of them?
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