Why does she treat me differently?

I've been into this girl for a year. I think she knows, because she would stare at me a lot and sometimes would shyly smile. We also talked a lot and things seemed really intense between us. I wanted to ask her out but then I was too chicken to, and summer came.

Basically to sum up this year, it seems like she has been into me, but I've also been confused because she has been dating other people. I thought she wasn't into me, but I think she might be because she previously had a boyfriend but now I haven't seen them together for a few weeks.

Last week, the week before prom, she was acting really odd around me. I saw her in the library across the room, and she was looking at me with her finger in her mouth and legs crossed. In class she would also stand by the door and wait for me like she wanted me to do something.

At prom I saw her with another guy, and I thought maybe they were a couple. I don't think they were because I still saw her checking me out a lot, and I haven't seen them together at all since. I think they just went as friends because after school we had a ceremony, and when we saw each other we both just kind of stared for a few seconds until I looked away.

Anyways, I'm mostly confused as to why she treats me so differently compared to other guys. With other guys she seems really confident with starting conversations, but when it comes to me she seems to be really quiet and timid. We haven't had a real conversation in a while, and when we do talk, we both laugh and smile a lot. I'm just jealous because I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Why is she like this to me?
Why does she treat me differently?
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