U. S. girls/guys up to mid twenties, if you have?

If you've seen players go up to girls who wear Nike tempo shorts and keep a straight face and try to act smooth against em by ignoring their upper legs&booty in em and then try to get through their straight face... if you've seen the players lose and their jaw dropped hard... what specifically do u see that gives players too much trouble against those girls?
I haven't seen an try it against those girls
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I have. Nothing, because the players usually do ignore looking down/break through the straight face
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I have. Thicc upper legs in Nike tempo shorts. Cellulite noticeable
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I have. A big booty, form fitting tempo shorts framing it
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I have. A combo of their poker face and cellulite on her upper legs in tempo shorts. Both easily handle em
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I have. Something else not among these
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U. S. girls/guys up to mid twenties, if you have?
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