PLEASE HELP! Am I a lesbian?

I’m in high school, 11th grade and I’m a very late bloomer. I’ve only started thinking about these things now and i’m confused. I’m just gonna put my experiences in point form and I would really appreciate if you gave me your opinion💓
- I get turned on when I see a video of a naked woman girl on girl
I’ve only felt tingly for 2 boys in real life and 0 times with girls in real life
- I’ve never had any crushes until this year
- I’ve had two very close sisterly/coupley friend ships with girls where we hug, kiss on the cheek and cuddle
- I didn’t find boys attractive until this year
- I've always found girls pretty
- Im nervous and blush around almost all girls
- I only blush around boys I find attractive but i’m pretty comfortable talking to them otherwise
- I’ve only liked a guy twice
- In middle school I was jealous of my best friends boyfriends and other friends so maybe I liked her
- In 9th grade I went through a tom boyish phase where I wore flannel a high tops
- When I was 7 I said I wanted to marry a girl
- All my favourite tv characters when I was little were girls and I never liked the boys
- I would keep my female friends art work
- guys give me this bubbly feeling like I wanna hold them and girls give me like a sharp quick feeling down there
- I’ve never had a boyfriend
- tell my friends I like them
- attractive guys make blush
- popular girls also make me blush
I know this is long but I really can’t figure it out. If it helps my personality is INFP. Thank you so much to anyone who gives me their opinion 💓💓💓
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I also want to add that I am open to all opinions I just want an answer :( please no trolls though because this is actually scaring me not knowing who Im attracted to. :(
PLEASE HELP! Am I a lesbian?
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