Do racial preferences change over time?

I know many people have preferences and it's completely fine. My question is how long will that preference last or will last at all

For example a white woman who only dated white men may start being attracted to black or Asian men or white women who only dated outside her race ( yea there are women like that ) may start finding her own race attractive

I'm asking this specifically to girls because they seem to care more about race ( it's a generalisation )

I understand people can't help who they are attracted to , but attraction works in it's own and I want to know if it will change or not.

Also talking in terms of physical and sexual attraction , they may not be as important to girls but does play a role in attraction.

I asking about physical and sexual attraction because different races have different features like a white guy can't have dark skin and a black can't have white skin.

Will sexual fetishes/fantasies fade over time or will they stick for life. ?

Pls be honest in your opinion , I know some people are tired and not comfortable with race questions but pls do try to answer
Do racial preferences change over time?
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