Girl acting different after I complimented her?

There is this girl that works the front desk at where I go to the gym that started acting different after I complimented her on her bracelet. So this girl was staring at me a lot prior to me saying anything I didn't make much of it until it I noticed her staring at me every time I'm there and she's working.

One day we made eye contact numerous times so I was pretty certain she was interested or whatever. The next day I made an effort to talk to her. I had to get a bandaid so I used this as a way to say something to her, so I told her I liked her bracelet. And she said thanks. The next day I came into the gym and seemed to ignore me a lot and avoid eye contact.

Later that day I saw her outside of the gym and I caught her looking at me a couple time again and I think she mentioned me to her friend as she turned and looked at me.

So what do you think caused her to act this way?
3 mo
I should also add I don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not
3 mo
so she happened to be working today and when I was walking some distance in front of her I glance in her direction and she put her head down. Then a minute later she was looking at me again
Girl acting different after I complimented her?
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