Why she still has me on her social media?

She had a crush on me for a long time, i approached and for months we talked (had a bf) she would always message me... After a while we ended up dating for 3 months and got really close and we both admitted to having feelings... Then she decided to end it... I was pissed but didn't bother her and was nice and cool about it.

We would run into each other on campus and she always seemed interested in talking to me... She once messaged me following a face to face convo and when i replied she blocked me on messenger (unblocked me later when her friends told her i was on a date with another girl) ... So i blocked her in real life and ignored her every time she tried greeting me or talking to me... She started staring at me much more and she gets visibly pissed when iam around (even though months have passed) ... Blocking and removing from social media is what 99% of girls who hate you do its common nowadays and she's the kind that actually does it... So iam quite confused why she still has me on social media despite being mad with me.
Why she still has me on her social media?
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