Why did she still ask me for help?

I knew a girl throughout highschool, and we had some kind of friendship, but she knew I liked her. A few years later, we had all but lost contact until I found her on tinder. I then asked her out, she was hesitant because of our past, but we went out.
The date went well, up until I got the check. Although I was legally of age to drink, because I didn't have my ID, I couldn't pay for her drinks. I had cash, so I said I'd just give her the cash for the drinks. I didn't think it was a big deal.
To my utter surprise, the girl didn't say a word and got up and left. The waitress was nice enough to change the bill to a few expensive Pepsi's. But I was pissed off.
She messaged me a few days later, and I said what she did was rude and I didn't want to be friends or go out again. She unleashed on me for not thinking the date through and my id.
I stopped responding and blocked her. She even tried reaching out on Instagram.
It's been over a year and she texted me with a new number asking for help on her car. I instantly deleted it and never responded.
Why did she reach out to me again?
What is her issue?
Why did she still ask me for help?
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