What are girls attracted to? (15-17)?

Im not 18 by the way, bcs I was a little bit high hehe, I'm 15 & if someone dont believe it: feel free to dm (or just check my profile)
So here's the actually Question: What are Girls attracted to? I'm since 1.5years single & got played 2times.. Every Single Girl who come's just friendzone me & after 1month they have an Boyfriend and they didn't write back..

Tbh Idfk why this is always happening, they always say that I'm an good listener & help's everysingle time & that I have a big heart and just things like that.. But I don't know why nobody love's me.. I'm not out for sex at first see or something.. I just need love!

If you ask how I'm looking some anything, just check profile or slide in DM's & I'll get u my Instagram Name..
Thanks for helping me 😅
What are girls attracted to? (15-17)?
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