Should the 80/20 rule be revised?

It is widely accepted that 80% of females are attracted to only 20% of men. Recent evidence however, suggests this ratio to be much closer to 99/1.

Historically, only around 20-30 percent of men propagated their genes, compared to 80% of females.
This percentage of men was likely inflated by social and physical boundaries.

A lot of people have been posting their tinder data recently, and a very consistent statistic is that men typically receive only a 1% match rate. That is to say they need to "like 100 Females before one will like them back. More damning though is the message rate, that plummets to around 0.1% (1 in 1000 females will message an average man.

Compare this to average female statistics, showing a nearly 60% match rate, and a 40% message rate. 60 and 400 times that of men respectively.

Pictured: the statistics of an average female selecting only "very handsome men"
Should the 80/20 rule be revised?
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Notice how females won't touch this question at all.
Should the 80/20 rule be revised?
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