Is she only after me for my money?

So I met this girl through some mutual friends about 2 months ago. We live 3 hours apart but I'm in that area every weekend. I've actually put transfers in so I can work near there. She appeared to be super interested in me like holding hands, rubbing her hands all over me, all while not even drinking.

So last week she texts me and asks if I would be interested in renting a place with her. She gives me all the info and it's a super nice place that's very affordable. I've been spending a ton of money on hotels and eating out over the last few months, but I still don't have the job there yet.

I've been screwed in the past so I'm really taking my time thinking this over. She tells me yesterday that if we don't rent that place together, she can't afford it and she'll have to get something cheaper and farther from work.

Think she's just using me for my money at this point? I mean, she doesn't even talk about us hanging out, she just wants me to sign the papers.
Is she only after me for my money?
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