Girl rejected me now angry at me for avoiding her?

This girl gave mixed signals in our classes. Blatant staring from a distance but ignoring close up, quick glances, moving closer to me etc etc. I thought maybe she is shy. We don't have any friends in common, so we are complete strangers.

I decided to do something about it but whenever there was an opportunity to open a conversation she shut it down by starting talking to someone else, moving away, looking in another direction. But the other behaviour continued.

I was sick of dealing with it on a daily basis because it was mentally draining and my crush on her had started making me feel bad instead of good. So I sent her a message on social media. Nothing over the top, wouldn't even call it a confession, reaching out to her to see if she wanted to communicate basically.

She never replied. Which seemed like an obvious rejection. So I managed to change classes because I wanted to avoid her and make sure the behaviour didn't keep going. The next time, a while later, I saw her again and she looked really angry at me and made it clear she was ignoring me. Really cold and nasty.

Anyone have any ideas what the deal is with this behaviour?
Girl rejected me now angry at me for avoiding her?
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