Girls, Was I right or wrong for this?

I was at work and the only other employee present was a new girl I was training. We had talked a lot the last few shifts so I feel comfortable with her. Anyway...

She was wearing yoga pants and had the biggest camel toe known to man. As if she was showing it off but I dont think she was tbh. Soooo I told her because I felt like she would want to know; like how if you have food in your teeth you would want someone to tell you.

She definitely got weird immediately and pulled the yoga pants out of her vagina crease. She had to have not worn underwear it was that outlined. I could tell she thought I was creepy and she was much quieter the rest of the day.

Was I wrong for this? Would you want to know from a co worker?
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Do you feel camel toes? Do they hurt or feel weird?
Girls, Was I right or wrong for this?
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