Girl says she likes you but says she likes other guy?

Her friend mentioned she liked me. But, I do not think she knows that I know. I have just been chill about things, she is nice and fun to talk to.

A week ago I asked her if she was trying to date anyone out of pure curiosity and she said she was but would not tell me who but I asked her if I knew them and stuff, and she said she didn't think so. A couple days later we were in a phone call and she asks me if she should ask the guy out. I told her yea, of course. She said that she couldnt believe I did not know who it was and that I should have guessed who it was. Meaning I DO know them. I just thought she was still on about me. A couple days later her friend told me that the girl liked me. Often when I talk to her, she brings up this guy that she apparently is trying to date. And now all of a sudden she gives me a name and says she is going out with him in a group of friends.
I am unsure what she is doing? Stupid question but I have been thinking about this and would appreciate more opinions.
Girl says she likes you but says she likes other guy?
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