Girls, are you a "pick me!" girl?

I notice this app has a lot of them. Its a girl who is all like "im not like the other girls" and she is anti-girl and tells guys what they want to hear to make herself look more desirable to guys. She pretends like she doesn't care what girls think when really she cares the most because they can see right through her. She can't be a feminist because even though there is a difference between feminists and "feminazis," she wants to be desired by men because many men are vocal about hating feminism. She doesn't know anything about the girls around her but talks shit about them to guys to make herself seem like she's better than them all. All of her choices are motivated by the need of acceptence instead of learning new things or wanting others to feel accepted. So she's a "pick me" girl.

Does anyone relate to this girl?
I am only being so specific because I once was this girl and it makes me feel guilty because of everything I was taking away from myself. My confidence, my independence, and the things that could make me a good person and actually believe it. This isn't supposed to be any kind of attack, I just want to know if any of you have had a similar way of living. Are/were you like this? Why or why not? Do you know why you are the way that you are, pick me girl or not? (I think for me it was my mother)
Girls, are you a "pick me!" girl?
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