Girls, Only value hot and rich guys?

It seems that girls only value guys with abs/muscles and a thick bank account. Girls would give them a fun time while they make ugly/poor guys have a hard time to get them and it really hurts me inside and out. Guess us ugly and poor people will never have female friends.

Just an example, I've never had any female friends nor close to a girlfriend because I'm very ugly and poor. I mean have you ever seen an ugly and poor guy with female friends or a girlfriend?
Also I have observed and experienced this throughout my whole life. You girls always run to the douchebag hot ripped rich guy and push away the nice ugly poor guy to hell. That tells me a lot right there. I've seen it all through real life, social media etc.

Have you girls realized that 9 out of 10 men suffer from depression because you couldn't accept them even if they were ugly and poor amd yet you all still worship the ripped douchebag with zillion dollars. Then you tell them that "the other guy right there is soooo ugly and poor" or "he doesn't even have any abs". Why the hell do you have to make our gahdamn lives harder to live?
Girls, Only value hot and rich guys?
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