Why do girls even care about looks?

So I've been doing some thinking and I just wondered why do girls really care about looks? I mean I just pictured myself as a girl and asked myself this question.

If I was a girl I thought to myself this:

I know I'm getting attention from everyone I meet, I'm only gonna pay attention to the guys that's are interesting. I wouldn't even care how they look. The person would have to have a good vibe

And i only say this because most guys look normal and regular, or there's no real comment on their look. I honestly dont know what is so sexually appealing about a face to a girl. Like there's nothing going on for men body wise tbh. We have our clothes on 24 7 so u will never see our dicks and abs, and chest, and stuff like that

I dont get why girls just dont prioritize personality, and just factor looks in when all guys look the exact same
Why do girls even care about looks?
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