Why do girls always feel the need to 1 up men?

There are questions about guys getting kicked in the balls, or having stress, or general guy life - and literally 80% of the girls are like
"well its nothing like child birth to get kicked!"
"Women are always stressed out with all the shit we do..."
"Women have it so much harder because blaga blaga blaga.."

Girls, the point of guys posting questions about dude life, is so we can see it from their perception. Stop trying to make everything about us. Both men and women have unique experiences in their gender, and you're a bullshit person for invalidating someone's life by making their experiences always pertain to you.

Women are just men with wombs - literally where the name comes from. We do not need to act like little dogs barking at the bigger ones due to insecurity and ego tripping. Babies won't exist without men, so it's not our sole power or thing to hold over men.
Like seriously, shut up and learn something from them. Guys respond and post the most on logic based, scientific and inquisitive topics, whereas women are posting about hair and if their obvious fuck boy boyfriend is a fuck boy. Case in point, deflate your balloon head and have some depth.
Why do women do this shit all the time?

And I guarantee most if not all their posts will be, "well men do it too!"

This post ain't about men, so take some accountability for once and explain - or cry because this question got you all in your feelings lol
Why do girls always feel the need to 1 up men?
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