Friend doesn't seem to want to communicate anymore?

So recently, me and my best friend decided to hang out during Thanksgiving break.

Now my feelings for her have been going on and off and honestly I'm worried of what our relationship might become if we were to ever start dating. We've known each for other for a long time and I dont want to make our friendship seem awkward.

Anyways, all of a sudden my friend said that she had feelings for me that go on and off. I decided to tell her how I felt as well (which is yes I have feelings for her). We ended up having a short romantic moment together.

The next day I got a call from her and she said sorry bout the whole awkward situation. So obviously I said don't worry bout it. However. now she doesn't seem to want to respond to any of my messages.

Like, I dont get if she's trying to imply something or simply trying to push me away now, or like wants some alone time. Can someone explain what might be happening? Also, sorry bout the long question
Friend doesn't seem to want to communicate anymore?
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