Why do I feel uncomfortable with girls in sexy clothing?

I'm not excusing anyone who touches people innapropriately. There's no excuse for that. Even if a girl (or guy) is naked in public, you have no excuse to go touching them. Period!

However, I really feel uncomfortable going to a rave, beach or swimming pool because how the girls are dressed. I don't feel like touching or harassing anyone.

But, fashion these days (especially girls fashion) worn for beaches, swimming (the bikinis, yoga pants, etc), raves are designed creatively to be eyecatching and attractive. Typically, I simply look away. But in a rave concert, you're literally surrounded by these girls (not in an intrusive way. I mean, they are everywhere). This makes looking away really difficult. I started feeling uncomfortable. I have been avoiding swimming pools for this reason despite knowing how to swim. I also avoid gyms partly for this. It would be helpful if girls wear less attractive alternatives (but, I shouldn't determine what another person wears).

I may need to know how other (reasonable, non-perverts, egaliterian) guys deal with this. Also, what do you females think? Is there a problem I need to fix within myself?
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Just to add that I have a porn addiction. Though I'm not interested in any physical sexual activity with people.
Why do I feel uncomfortable with girls in sexy clothing?
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