She does not respond to texts What is up with this girl I'm trying to woo?

this girl bella I've known for a couple months, she goes to UCLA and I go to Washington State, but we both live in San Diego. Whenever I come home, I always ask her to hang out and she will 90% of the time come to chill with me whether it be alone or drink with my friends or hers. But sometimes, I go back to my uni. I text her and she don't respond. I mean they are not usually questions but statement but it very annoying. I just wonder why she is always willing to meet and hang out with me whenever I ask her but she is not respond to text


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  • I couldn't give a for-sure answer. But my personal outlook when it comes to texting is to not take it too seriously (like if someone's replies suck or aren't often etc). Cause it's really how the person is around you that matters mostly. Text can't define anything cause it's so imprecise. I imagine some people just don't care for it or don't like it. Or feel they have better ways to spend their time. The same way some people don't like IMing or using facebook, or certain kinds of technology for that matter.

    Yeah, I've always thought it inconsiderate to not reply. But I wouldn't take it necessarily as a deal breaker.

    • thanx u, because I don't get it how things seem good when we together in person but when we not its totally diff

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    • ignore her and never contact her again uthink?

    • Well, you can still try now and again, but I wouldn't get too excited if she's the kind to never reply. I'd try to find a better means of communication or just leave it til you're home again?

      I couldn't tell you for sure, because I don't know. But if it were me, I'd probably stop trying to text. Maybe she'll come around. Who knows.

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  • First of all, if the texts are one way, hold back on those. If you like her, it is giving the impression that you are thinking of her, but it's not mutual. I have a friend back home that is the opposite; I don't really care to reply to a random text when I'm simply busy during the day. It's cool knowing she's thinking about me, but I don't reply back often. The best thing you can do is just keep seeing her in person, or skype if she has that (anything that forces reciporated communication). When my female friend gets frustrated, she just tells me to go on facebook chat :P.

    Guys are held to a different standard when it comes to initiating communication (the whole alpha male complex), so if you ever want to get out of the friendzone and have the potential of a relationship blossoming, you must find a new means of communication that goes both ways easily.

    As far as your question on ignoring... bad idea. Then in two weeks she'll be writing on here... "why isn't my friend talking to me"... just type that into a search on here... you'll see a bunch of them :S. Word of advice, driving her desire is the medium between being social, and ignoring her. Good luck!

    • driving her desire? and I don't know if I'm completely friendzoned...we had intimate moments before but I completely failed lol because I was oblivious

    • Driving desire= making her interested in pursuing you romantically (which I assumed was the case since you posted this in the flirting section. Regardless of whether or not you are friendzoned, these texts are not helping you, but if you completely ignore her it won't be good wither. Basically... find a new way to communicate!