Girls, why am I lightly bleeding (spotting) 10 days before my period?

A little bit about me: So I am 20 years old. I’ve started to have periods when I was 13 years old. I’ve always have had periods come 7-10 days late, but I’ve never skipped a month.

This is a bit of a TMI, but please bear with me as these are important details when I don’t know what I’m going through. So it was this afternoon after I took my dog out for a walk that I changed clothes and had to use the restroom to then see that I was bleeding on my underwear. This is light (Enough to where I didn’t bleed through my underwear), not constant bleeding and is a brown color. My first thought was, “what?” Cause I’m always prepared for my periods especially since they are always late. I double checked my period app and it said that my period isn’t supposed to come in for another 10 days, so I’m really confused of what’s happening cause I’ve never had a period come in earlier than expected, except I wouldn’t call this my period since again, it’s very light to where I guess you can say it’s spotting? Whenever I’ve used the restroom today, I would check to see if I’m still spotting and it would be on and off. I’ve been having symptoms of my face breaking out more than usual, I’ve been having really bad mood swings of going from feeling happy to feeling weepy if something goes wrong (for example I had something fun planned for today with my friends but they all cancelled due to holiday plans in which I understand, yet I started crying. Another example being the typical seeing a sad commercial and starting to cry even though the commercial is no big deal), and just now I started having some cramping that’s on and off.

I looked up on the internet of what this could possibly be though with the spotting. First thing it said it could be was implantation bleeding, which can be ruled out since I’m a virgin and have never done anything sexual down there to where there’s no possibility of that, so I’m not pregnant.
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Next thing the internet said it could be was PMS, which I’m not sure of since I’ve never had spotting during PMS. There was a couple other things the internet said it could be, but wasn’t possible at all in my case. But the last one was ovulation bleeding, which I’ve never had before, but I can’t really think of anything else other than the other possibility of PMS in which I’ve never spotted during PMS either.

I told my mom all this and she says she doesn’t know, which is the first time I’ve
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ever heard that from her when she says she knows everything related to periods and ovulation. I just remembered I’ve also been having the mood swing of going from feeling calm to stressed out from planning out holiday stuff to where I’d start getting weepy again. So what is it that I’m going through?
Girls, why am I lightly bleeding (spotting) 10 days before my period?
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