Do you think that the way you see yourself in the mirror is the same way other people see you?

When I look in the mirror every morning I see myself as a fairly good looking nice girl, and I'm excited about what my day might be hiding.

But I come back home everyday disappointed. No one seems to care about me or notice me. And It's been a really long time since I've been asked out.

Why is that?


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  • How you appear to other people might be the problem, and I mean more than just physical attractiveness.

    Ask yourself, do you look like someone a guy would ask out?

    When a guy looks at you, do they see someone with good posture, confidence, and a love of life?

    Have you given guys the opportunity to ask you out?

    You expect guys to do the asking, but you have to give them reason to ask you out. Try talking to more guys, if he's initially interested in you then he won't let you get away without asking for your number. If he's not, be happy with yourself for taking action.

    Here's a secret to making guys talk to you: stare at them. If he notices you and is interested, he'll walk over (and his ego will brainwash him into thinking it was him who initiated the interaction, we know better though). If he isn't interested, he'll just continue whatever he's doing and won't think twice about it, his loss. Just try this on the next guy you find attractive.


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  • Q1: No, which is why it is important to ask them, then not get hormonal if they give you an honest answer that you don't like.

    Q2: I think eventually you have to stop waiting for life to hand out good opportunities, and go make some of them happen (eg: asking someone you like).


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  • Do you have many friends? Do you focus on what people think often? do you focus on getting asked out?

    Go about your day with you in mind and no one else. That is the key.

    What I see in the mirror is apparently not what others see.

    I look in the mirror and see a big ball of nasty.

    But apparently I'm not.. Everyone compliments my smile and eyes and says I have a great personality. I think its more because I don't care if someone says "Hey, your fat."

    I have kinda a laid back way of looking at things.

    Go with the flow type attitude.