Are you narcissistic?

Please explain to me why narcissists always tend to tell others they are a narcissist? I don't get why people clearly act a certain way and then portray that onto someone else like it's them. How can a person so clearly be in the wrong, yet not even see it. How can a person take everything they do wrong and make their SO feel like they are the one at fault? I guess drugs doesn't help the situation at all. They intensify the denial and the bad attitude. If this was your SO WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
1 y
When she finally finds this and reads it she will flip out on me for venting but she is allowed to blast me all over gag. She has me blocked so I can't see her posts talking shit about me telling people I am the one with the drug problem and I am the one causing all the problems.
Are you narcissistic?
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