Why can’t men and women just be honest with eachother?

I have a lot of female friends. In the past few years I’ve met so many girls and made so many friends.

I’ve learned that these girls are terrified to tell men the truth. They would hide everything from me when we first became friends. That’s the standard. Women have their little world. The world of the truth that they must hide from us men. But they discuss everything amongst themselves. Women have a secret world they work VERY hard to hide from men. But my friends have let me in because I have shown them that I will not hate them for the truth. That I will not become angry and judge them and hate them.

So I’ve learned a lot about women directly from women. I’ve learned many truths straight from their mouths. I’ve asked lots of questions and we’ve talked about all kinds of stuff.

Maybe it’s needed. Maybe the truth would ruin society. If men and women truly understood eachother chaos would reign. I don’t know I feel like if we understood eachother more deeply and properly that we would actually learn to love eachother more.

I love my female friends. They are the best. I love them very much. I love women in general and the more I discover the truth the more I love them.

I don’t feel like men and women need to hide anymore. We should be able to let it all be known so that we can finally learn to love eachother.

Either that or cause the ultimate war of hate and anger I’m not sure! Lol. It’s like a thin line between love and hate and the only difference is perspective. But if men had woman’s perspective, and women had men’s perspective, I believe we would love eachother.
Why can’t men and women just be honest with eachother?
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