What does a girl mean if she tells me[guy] "it's cause you have this 'Batman feel' to you"?

It's a long story but super short version is that I keep getting these weird stares with smiles &/ whispers from girls AND lots of freakin scary eye-lock stares from women about 5,10, or even 20+ years older than me [makes me cringe] almost every place I go, no matter how good or bad I look or confident or unconfident I feel that day... my friend[classmate] was walking with me & noticed & laughed, said she'd be enjoying all the attention if she was me & asked why I seem so sensitive about it [I suppose it showed], I said it makes me nervous & I don't understand it, it happens even when I'm wearing a hoodie & face stuck to the floor & walking practically inside the wall because i can't bear coming in contact with anyone...
so she said that batman sentence which I can't figure out at all, & no guys I can't ask "her" directly what she means, I really can't... it could mess up a lot of things

me... studying abroad in Europe, don't really like myself all that much but 'objectively speaking': okay looks but not at all 'a model', picture a very normal, non-actor version of Tom Maden [feel like hitting my head against a wall writing this for some reason 😞], generally 'different' cause arab features[genes... what can i do] but lots of others are like me here & don't suffer these death-stares, *somewhat tall, *somewhat athletic look... can 'look' confident &/ humor-ly sometimes but it's all just a cover, i'm nervous, unsure, & in a dark dark place deep inside

if it helps
I get 'differently weird' stares from really old men in like their 70s or 80s but these ones i somehow understand... it's this unspokenly warm "you'll be okay son" look that my grandfather used to give me when i was younger & even more depressed than i am now... though all these people don't even know me so... what's really wrong with me?

It happens in my home country but not too much all the time like now... & these older women, most are old enough to be my mother, what do they want?
What does a girl mean if she tells me[guy] "it's cause you have this 'Batman feel' to you"?
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