Is it that weird to sleep with a bra on?

I’ve been doing it since the first time I ever wore one, I never really wear sports bras because my breasts are way to fatty to do so, and I cannot carry them on my chest without one! I sleep with the ones with the wire! The supportive ones.

But some people in my class were like “sleeping with bra is for psychopaths,” or other people I’ve heard outside my class are like “how can you even do that?”

BUT I’m so used to it! So idk! Am I weird?

Also, I’m giving guys the option to give an opinion because I believe some may know a bit on this topic! Lol! But if you don’t know anything, please don’t say anything, just don’t waste your time! I don’t wanna see any opinions like “women, so dependant on opinions” or sum shit, cuz it’s mad annoying! Thanks!
Is it that weird to sleep with a bra on?
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