Should I keep an eye on her?

So I have a roommate who is boy crazy. She’s on tinder and is 18 and is literally looking for a husband. She has been on tinder for over 5 months and only found one boyfriend who she broke up with after a week because she didn’t really like him

Most of the guys just ghost her or it dosent go anywhere. I’m aware she has a type and everything and likes Latin guys

My roommate is short and overweight and not the prettiest but not ugly but her personality is AMAZING and attracts people to her somehow and she’s nice

I’m a little more introverted and quiet which can come off as stuck up but I’ve been told I am pretty and I’m skinny so I get some attention still

I’m getting more confident

So at the beginning of the year I was dating this guy and I’m a freshman in college and I rlly liked him and he rllyyy liked me

he was a good looking guy and we were intimate and I would tell my roommate everything and she said she thought he was attractive once but idc because ik he’s not attracted to her and she said she would never go for him.

After me and him broke up she thought she saw him on tinder and sent me a pic and I told her not to swipe and she was like “ik lol”

Then in person she was like “I would never swipe on anyone who looked like your ex, you know me better than that”

But I feel like a lot of the guys she talks to on tinder favor him

They have bushy eyebrows and look Hispanic kinda like my ex. Some of the guys she talks to look different but am I overthinking?
and don’t say people can date whoever they want
she’s my friend and it’s gurl code not to do that and it’s lowest of the low. You should be able to accept that that one person is off limits
Should I keep an eye on her?
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