Girls, Is she playing games with me?

Me and a girl started talking on Instagram, we quickly was flirting heavily. Eventually I got her to stop procrastinating and actually meet me.

she just come out of a long term relationship which turned stale. However, she feels bad to cut him out because she owes him a lot of money.

then she kept kissing and hugging me telling me not to worry. So we was hugging and kissing. But she wouldn’t have sex because it was the first date.

so ever since the first date, she hasn’t been flirting as much, she doesn’t put kissing faces anymore like she used to, she just doesn’t show much affection. So I raised the issue and few times and she keeps telling me there is nothing wrong, she says she don’t talk to other guys and stuff. And because of the lack of affection she shows me now I feel that she doesn’t like me , and maybe isn’t keen.
so I cut her out of my life, because she was purposely taking long to respond , and she chased me and asked me not to go. I told her my problem she agreed to make an effort, but again I still feel she not showing much affection and interest. I raise the issue and she says im picking at everything with her and it upsets her. And she keeps giving me wishy washy answer to meeting, like “she will find out when she has a day off” or probably next week.

then accuses me of being off with her when I say she being wishy washy. Then she come chasing when I unfollow her saying I play games etc and that I upset her and make her mad. so after arguing I just said let me know what you want and she didn’t respond and still follows me , also her ex boyfriend who doesn’t even know me blocked me or she went onto his account and blocked me I’m not sure what gone off but Is she playing games she has purposely not messaged , after saying I’m playing games etc

what should I do about the situation?
Girls, Is she playing games with me?
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