Why is my ex doing this :( ?

Ex has been messaging me on and off. Then the last week or so has been carrying on messaging me everyday. She's been asking how I am etc. Usually she messages then ignores me for days. She's been asking how I am, if I'm having any holidays etc.
After back and forth texting, she came out and asked me if I was seeing anyone. She hasn't asked this since we broke up. I replied I wasn't, because I'm not.
I then asked if she was seeing anyone and her reply was 'not really'...
I asked her what that means, and she suddenly told me that's she's going on a date with a guy on Thursday. This made my gut wrench tbh.
Why tell me this? Why ask if I was seeing someone?
I'm heart broken but I didn't show that I told her I'm happy for her and I want her to be happy.

Previous to all this she will message me then ignore me for days, sometimes even weeks and then pop up saying something like 'sorry I didn't spot your reply'
Why is my ex doing this :( ?
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