Yet another girl confusing me?

Right, basically I've been kind of seeing this girl now for about 3 months, we;ve met up a lot, been to each others houses etc. She just split with her boyfriend before I met her, and I know for a fact they will not get back together due to things that happened.

She has been hurt, lied to, cheated on and treated bad in past relationships.

The thing is, she had been confusing me, I didn't know what she wanted sometimes she would hint at having sex and stuff and other times she would just be affectionate towards me and stuff, in a relationship kind of way though. So I got a bit annoyed with this as this is gone on for too long and it's as if she's leading me on a bit. So I asked her about it and she says she doesn't know what she wants right now and doesn't think she wants a relationship, just to be single.

I asked her if she wanted to just be friends and she said no and asked me although she doesn't want a relationship, do we still want to carry on seeing each other? So it seems clear that she wants to see me still, and as a friend with benefits I guess.

Basically what I can't work out is whether she is genuinely unsure. I've had a lot of girls spin the relationship line when they lose interest in me, but this seem different, she doesn't want to be just friends. Does she want to wait and see if her feelings change, or is she taking it slow as to not get hurt again? I'm not too bothered what happens, I would easily have a relationship with her as I like her a lot, but it's doing my head in thinking about it so much.
Yet another girl confusing me?
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