Ladies, why do you often prefer sympathy over solutions?

Ladies, why do you often prefer sympathy over solutions?
The Set-Up:
Girl talks about issue she is having in her life. (Not related to guy.)
Guy listens. Assesses situation. Offers "helpful" solution (s) to problem.
Girl is annoyed "Can't you just listen, and not try and fix everything?"
And Later:
Girl talks to guy another day, week or month later. Same problem is conveyed.
Guy asks, "Well what was wrong with my advice? Why didn't you follow any of those suggestions?"

Girls, could you try and explain to the men why the advice bothers you?
They do not understand why offering ways to fix problems, so that you do not have to keep reliving them, bothers you.

{My Take:
I do want advice. Very much. But not if the person is too impatient to hear all details first. I am not interested in an uninformed opinion. It will not have validity to me without all the facts being weighed and taken into account. (Of course the problem is that my idea of giving the 'full picture' may be more than what they think they need to know. This goes back to my references to minutia and extraneous details. The Pink Guide to Speaking Blue) I find there can be impatience with guys wanting to shorten up the conversation and get on with the fixing, where I have thought that the problem was more complex and needed more time to relay & analyze. However I admit I do tend to sometimes overanalyze, and can be indecisive, and being perhaps 50/50 split between recognizing and valuing feelings and rational, logical thought, I do find some problems very convoluted/difficult to resolve. I am trying to shorten up my 'stories' and cut to the important facts, not all details that might possibly be relevant.
Also, I have realized venting rarely makes me feel better. I feel often worse, having spent even more time thinking about the problem, where I now find distraction and getting away from it is better.}

However I have never heard other females say this, and I suspect your reasons are different.
So please explain.
Ladies, why do you often prefer sympathy over solutions?
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