Girls, Why would she accept my request block and unblock me?

I met a girl a few years back in college before starting university. It’s a long complex story so I’ll try and simply it.

i kind of like her so I would always try and sneak glances and she kind of caught me. But she’s a naturally shy and introverted girl so at first wouldn’t look directly back.

but as weeks went by , she would always try and be in places I’m at. And sneak glances at me , but get really shy and try and pretend she wasn’t. also if she saw me with other pretty girls she would look upset and try and blank me for days. So it was Christmas and I couldn’t stop thinking of her. 3 weeks later we returned to college , in the parking lot I forced myself to go and introduce myself to her. I was really shy and slurred my words. I really didn’t know what to say. So I said are you heading inside so we walked together and she was really nice and wished my happy birthday. Then at lunch I would often go and sit with her at lunch, and talk to her , I could see she was alwayS talking to her friend about me. when I’m around. On my own I discovered she had a boyfriend, so I didn’t bother going to sit with her at lunch. Her friends would look at me and tell her when I’m around. Then she would look at me really sad.

I was off for 3 months. She didn’t see me at all for months. And when I returned I didn’t acknowledge her, the college arrange a big meeting for all students. When she walked in we both had a big smile to ourselves. she has problems with depression. She kept looking at me everytime I looked away , ignoring the teachers. Then she would stare at the ground and wall like she heart broken. After this point she changed with me. So I moved on.. until the last week. I walked upto her and sat down and asked if she wanted my number, she said she has a boyfriend, I said what about social media she said can’t I have a boyfriend. So I said ok if things change let me know and we can arrange to do something.
+1 y
I heard her boyfriend Was controlling. And that she had tried to split numerous times then I disappeared and was distant. But he is paranoid over her social media , so she had to delete Facebook , I requested to follow her and she always keeps my pending. Then out of nowhere she accepts my request and blocks and then unblocks me to reverse accepting me on Instagram. I think it’s so her boyfriend does not find out
Girls, Why would she accept my request block and unblock me?
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