Fake friend came back what to do?

so my ex bestie did some things that wasn't ok, and backstabbing ( not getting into details) anyways I stopped talking to her since then and she never reached out so it was in a weird way we were both kinda done with the friendship bc both of us never planned on reaching out to each other. also just background info, what she did happened once before and I forgave her, but then she did it again so I already gave her a chance before so I didn't this time. anyways, I've been facetiming some others friends just to stay busy, but also I'm bored during quarantine. I posted on my ain't story my call with my friends and this ex bestie saw it. today she reached out, doesn't even acknowledge what happens, just asks me if I remember something that happened a whole ago ( I do, but its such an irrelevant memory. its like oh "remember when I tied my shoe" its just really irrelevant) and I think she reached out bc she sees I'm with other friends and what she did isn't bothering me, but also she has the audacity to pretend like nothing happened and think ill respond. do I even address what she wrote or not reply?
Fake friend came back what to do?
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