Pregnancy and being vain?

My sister found out she is pregnant and she's not happy about it. Some of her concerns are a bit strange.
She has very thick, luscious long hair and she takes a lot of care for her hair. So instantly she was annoyed and worried that after delivery, she would start losing her hair.

My sister is a typical Leo who spends hours pampering her skin and hair. she's not conceited or arrogant and she doesn't believe she is attractive (though she is) but her self care routines are pretty consistent and very meticulous.
She freaks out even if she has a little bit of hairfall and she had looked so worried when the topic arrived at her hair.

She also wasn't happy that she would gain weight and even said she's not ready to gain weight.
And finally, she is scared of the delivery method. She suffers from spinal degenerative disc so I can understand she's scared about that issue.

Her husband was really happy that they are having a baby and he said multiple times that he would like a girl child with eyes like my sister's. She has really pretty eyes and he has always loved them. But when she started airing her concerns, he got a bit frustrated and upset.

What do you think? Is she being unreasonable and vain?
Pregnancy and being vain?
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