Have you ever been pitched to by a MLM consultant?

So a couple months ago I was looking for an additional online-only source of income and so naturally I mentioned something on social media and got a friend request from a girl I didn’t know but had a mutual friend with.

She started pitching me about how much money she makes just by posting on social media, blah blah 30 mins later into the call she goes into why I should sign up as a salesman for this company I had never heard of but the name sounded super cheesy. (It Works). Not to mention it was going to be $100 for a starter kit.

I’m immediately searching and see it’s a typical MLM with shady products that don’t actually work very well.

I told her 2 days later I took another job offer, and she sent me a message with an offer for half off the starter price. Didn’t reply. So today I get another message from her saying it’s only 24 to start.

I would seriously hate to to do what she’s doing. It’s fine if it’s a legit brand and as a consultant that you were qualified to be hired through an actual application process to make direct commissions on your actual product sales, but she’s not making as much money from sales of products and she is trying to make money off if getting other people to sign up as consultants. That’s why they call them “pyramid schemes.”
Have you ever been pitched to by a MLM consultant?
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