Whats the best way to ask someone out. Flirting ? Being genuine ?

I've been burned by an ex and it's made me really cynical when it comes to relationships. I hang out with lots of girls and have lots of girls that are friends but that's always what it becomes... just friendship. I get frustrated but I learn to cope ... I know eventually I'll find someone worth it.

Recently , I noticed a girl that happened to be in 3 of my classes this semester. We're both graduating college together, same major and have some things in common. she's sweet, way chill and I can make her/our groups laugh. Somehow we both were assigned to the same 2 groups so we've been constantly spending time together. It started to feel a little like fate ...

The other day I had a crazy dream with her in it and she's been on my mind since. I want to ask her out but I kinda freeze up ...

We've gotten lunch just us two on campus and gotten coffee before, but we mostly talk about the projects and wanting to finally graduate. I normally would have made a move by now but I'm not seeing any major indicators of interest back.. I try to give her bedroom eyes and drop little hints here and there but it seems I need to be a tad more blunt. I just want to straight up ask her out for a drink ... Ladies what seems to work best ... being genuine and showing you'r cards or flirting and dropping the occasional "you're cute" one liners ?

Whats the best way to ask someone out. Flirting ? Being genuine ?
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