I need some second thoughts about something please?

I'm a year after graduating high school, single skinny introvert white boy lol. No girl has ever paid me any attention that I know of. I got a job at a store, no girls notice me there either. I can barely hold a conversation with a girl, I really try but it's like they stop talking or something and I run out of things to say very quickly. Believe or not I've said the "nice weather were having" line in a panic attempt to save a conversation with a girl. I know they don't owe me anything it's just I want to know if it's because I'm potentially ugly or because Im not outgoing and confident in myself? Is it because I'm skinny i have no clue what I'm doing wrong. My dad and step dad have both said that I'm a " handsome young man" but like are they lying I don't know. So I guess my question is if someone cares enough to read this, what are your thoughts on the situation?
I need some second thoughts about something please?
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