Are American women hypocritical, sleazy, hypergamous and entitled?

American women have a reputation in Europe for being slutty and entitled. My brother lived in Paris and married a Scandinavian woman. I asked if he would move back to the States to raise his kids when they came-he said "Why would I expose her to American women' attitudes? Women in America act incredibly entitled. Most have envisioned some type of Unicorn guy, far too goodlooking and successful for her to be able to obtain -and punish any men they can get with for not being this imaginary Chad. High maintenance and expensive, the waste tons of cash on frivolities like 3 inch fingernails and "spa days". They dole out sex like Scrooge giving out paychecks-unless they are on vacation where they get sloppy drunk and sleep with any guy with an accent. They henpeck and browbeat their American men, expect to be catered to at every turn and each believes she is a Royal Princess deserving of everything she wants. European women do not appear to suffer from these narcissistic traits, at least no where near the degree American women do-they've been spoiled.
"Ohhh-you have an accent. Its like my FANTASY!"
"Ohhh-you have an accent. It's like my FANTASY!"
Are American women hypocritical, sleazy, hypergamous and entitled?
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