Should I kick my sister out?

My sister stays with me and recently she got her first car. I don’t have a car nor do I know how to drive. I was very proud of my sister but she drives around with a permit and she doesn’t have someone in the car with her who has a license sometimes. I have noticed how she drives and I told her that for one, she goes like 20 miles over the speed limit in neighborhoods, she tends to go immediately after the next person at a stop sign without stopping at the stop sign herself, and she plays her music WAY too loud when she is driving at night. Instead of listening she put headphones in! I’m like “you need to take those out and pay attention.” And we started arguing because she said I was nagging her. Later in the night she randomly left the house to “go to McDonalds.” I ended up falling asleep and woke up 2 hours later and both her and my baby sister were still gone. So, me being worried, I called both of their phones. Finally after like the 5th try I get on FaceTime and immediately ask “where are you? Why aren’t you home yet?” And some random guy says “I’m walking the dog” and then hangs up in my face. I call my other sister confused and concerned and she told me that they had went out to eat, that they were with my cousin and her boyfriend, and that my sister had told him to say that as a joke. So immediately I got mad because I thought that was extremely disrespectful. If it had been anybody else who she stays with calling her back to back to make sure she was okay and she took it like a joke they would be just as mad as I was. On top of her being childish, she is with my baby sister. So she is putting both of their safety at risk by being unnecessarily childish. I feel like she doesn’t want to listen to anything I say and it’s making me annoyed and like I want her to just get out of my house so I don’t have to deal with her being a brat and having an attitude whenever I try to look out for her. She has no sense of responsibility and I feel like she is just annoying
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by the way my sister is 19 and she doesn’t pay rent or bills and stays with me pretty much for free. All I ask is for her to respect the fact that I am trying to look out for her. If she sees my attempts to protect her as me bothering her then I have no problem letting her be the adult she thinks she is and having her go stay somewhere where maybe they won’t mind if she is gone at 2 in the morning with no license and a bad attitude
Should I kick my sister out?
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