Is that the best a man can expect from a woman?

"He thinks with me,’ said Dorothea to herself, ‘or rather, he thinks a
whole world of which my thought is but a poor twopenny mirror. And
his feelings too, his whole experience - what a lake compared with my
little pool!"

Is it supposed to be like that by nature and are any cases that deviate actually exceptions?

Is equality in the level of thinking, comprehending and the range of sight not meant to be between man and woman in a relationship?

I kinda start to think my assumptions about possible equality of this kind were wishful thinking all along. That a woman is actually supposed to be inferior to her man in these regards, but to compensate in some other matters whose certain definition I didn't try to derive yet. The quoted passage brought me back to this thought.

What do you think? Is that an unalterable part of how nature prefers to see woman-man-relationships?
Is that the best a man can expect from a woman?
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