Is my friend being toxic?

I was dating this girl and things were going great untill we kinda messed it up. She got drunk one time when we were hanging out with friends, and later ended going second base. The next day she felt it was too early for us to have done that felt weirded about it. She broke up with me a while after and was super mad at me cause she thought I used her. But in reality we both were still in our senses and we stopped from going further cause we knew it wasn't time yet. But soon after she realised she was wrong about me and we worked over the issue and decided to become friends. She soon became an integral part of of my friends circle. But a little after, my friends and I noticed some things about her. She would suddenly have these episodes which we thought were anxiety attacks during which she'd freak out for no reason, start talking suicidal or sometimes shout at us for no reason. She refused to see a counselor. We finally got her to see our class animator in college who's a Psychology PhD holder and trained counselor. She took three sessions and stopped saying it wasn't helping. The teacher told me what she was going through was not anxiety disorder and majorly being exaggerated but my friend refused to believe that, saying we don't know what she feels.
She'd not take care of herself, wouldn't eat or sleep unless we brought her food, wouldn't come to class for the silliest excuses.
And anytime one of us tried to give her some tough love, she would antagonise the person.
I had the worst of it, I'd often keep checking up on her, and bringing her food, she'd thank me for it. But if any of us did even one small thing that annoyed her, she'd forget everything we ever had done and act as if we betrayed her. I feel like she's constantly expecting to be pampered. And the worst part is she cannot take criticism. Anytime anyone criticises her, she instead gets angry on the person.
11 mo
Especially if she does something that upsets me, she gets more angry saying I don't have the right to get angry cause she's forgiven me for the stuff in the relationship. I feel if you've forgiven somebody, you wouldn't bring up that stuff again as an excuse to defend your own mistakes.
Is my friend being toxic?
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