Why is this girl trying to measure her boyfriend up to me?

So there’s a girl I’m friends with and we’re about the same age. She’s dating a much younger guy and constantly compares him to me.

I’m established; I have my own house, car, good job, and am about to finish grad school. Her boyfriend is still living with his parents and trying to finish undergrad. So the other day when we were hanging out in a group, she asked me what’s been going on in my life during COVID and I told her about grad school. She was shocked and said, “Grad school?” Then turned to her boyfriend and told him that’s what he should be doing next. But she knew I was in school because I made a post about it on Instagram and she liked it. Maybe she forgot, but I don’t think so because she’s my friend and I mentioned it to & around her several times.

Also, it’s other things too. Like I have a beard and so does he. She compares our beards. She even compares the sports we play. I play basketball and football and he plays soccer. She’ll ask me questions about how I work out and tell him. It’s just weird to me. If she likes him, then she shouldn’t compare him to me. If she wants me, then why is she dating him?
Why is this girl trying to measure her boyfriend up to me?
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