Is it common for Indian guys to have commitment issues?

Maybe I'm not using the appropriate term, but what I have in mind is "commitment issues."

This is something that I've seen being common among Indian guys, including my boyfriend. We're in the U. S. I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years, but he still avoids letting his friend see or know about my existence. If they accidentally encounter me, he tells his friends that I'm just his "friend."

One of my clients was an Indian, living with and having sex with another Indian girl, and the girl's mother knew about him since they lived together (including the mother) but the guy and girl both referred to each other as "friends" and denied the label. Unless in this situation they were just friends with benefits, and the mother knowingly allow it.

One of my boyfriend's previous housemates was living with his girlfriend, but when his parents came from India, his girlfriend was not there (I went to see my boyfriend). I knew for a fact that she had lived there for a year or two, but she was not there during the days when the guy's parents were there.

My boyfriend's current housemate is going on dates, but he referred and refers to the date as a "friend," how he had to go somewhere with his "friend" and his "friend" is picking him up for dinner. I saw him dressed up with cologne after he said meeting a "friend," and I casually said that he was going on a date and he said how do you know?

I don't understand why a lot of Indian guys refer to their dates or girlfriends as "friends." I've spoken to my boyfriend about his and my situation, but no outcome. His parents still don't know that I exist, and I can't tell mine about him since my mom will find out that my boyfriend's parents don't know about me, and she would worry that I'm being used. I don't think I'm being used, but I wonder if I'm a temporary girlfriend to him.
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Sorry I clicked too quickly. This question was supposed to be "Guy's Behavior" not "Girl's Behavior."
Is it common for Indian guys to have commitment issues?
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