Confused about this girl. She wants space?

So i’ve been seeing this girl for around 4 months now, all was going well we spoke on the phone literally everyday, she wouldn’t sleep unless she knows i’m on the phone and she will text me like 100 times a day lol

Until recently we had a bit of a fall out. We planned a day together and when i went to pick her up she was in a bad mood saying that she had a argument with someone and she just wants to go home and be alone she also started saying that i dont mean anything to her and that i’m just a friend. So I dropped her back off home and then i started begging her to stay and spend the day with me (like a idiot) 😂 that’s when she started saying that i’m coming across as a creep and a psycho and that i remind her of her crazy ex.

Now a week later i’m trying to get back in contact with her and i even apologised for begging her to stay that day but she keeps saying that she needs space and that she doesn’t know if this is going to work but at the same time she’s trying to get my attention through snapchat

How can she go from not being able to sleep unless i contact her and be on the phone to her to saying that she doesn’t want me and she needs space

What do i do? I’m so confused
Confused about this girl. She wants space?
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