Girls, do you go around bottomless with company over?

My girlfriend has a roommate and she is pretty cool personality wise, laid back and fun. I got a surprise at the start of the summer however when hanging out with my girlfriend at her place. When her roommate came home she went into her bedroom for a few minutes and came out in a loose shirt and panties. I was a little surprised and it must have shown on my face because without missing a beat but also being friendly about it the roommate said "i hope you don't mind, it's comfy and it's less revealing than wearing a bikini at the beach." My girlfriend must have known beforehand and not cared as she didn't say a word and wasn't upset.

Now i just take for granted that her roommate will most likely be lounging around in her panties if i visit. Is this thinking/not caring about wearing pants common? I mean on one hand i can understand as you would see women in bikini bottoms at the beach and legs aren't a "sexual" body part but on the other hand it's a woman in her panties.
Girls, do you go around bottomless with company over?
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