Is this irritating behavior?

my main concern is that i don't have the guts talk to this girl, and there's this friend who set up a situation where we could have talked to each other, but i still didn't. he'd bring us together, and then just leave.

before that, she smiled and stared at me almost everyday, so i approached her (before the friend situation), but kinda messed up by leaving suddenly, even though she was open to a conversation.

she has also created a few situations where i could have to talked to her, but i kinda think i could be only imagining things, and dont wanna embarrass myself.

it's a place where dating isn't really done ( arranged marriage ), so this stuff is kinda hard to do
because most girls and guys are conservative here.

question is, is it irritating her that my friend set up that situation that i described?
Is this irritating behavior?
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